'Love Like Tamie Did': Scholarship created in memory of coach Tamie Ramsey

amie Ramsey was a beloved coach and teacher who spent 26 years as the Spirit Line coach at Winslow High School. (Photo/Tessa Wadsworth)

amie Ramsey was a beloved coach and teacher who spent 26 years as the Spirit Line coach at Winslow High School. (Photo/Tessa Wadsworth)

WINSLOW, Ariz. — The Winslow High School community is coming together to honor the legacy of Tamie Ramsey, a passionate coach and teacher who passed away August 2022.

After dedicating 26 years to coaching the Spirit Line at Winslow High School, Ramsey had become an icon of positivity, selflessness and kindness, with a passion for bringing people together.

In honor of her memory, Ramsey's family and friends are establishing the Tamie Ramsey Spirit Scholarship, providing $1,500 to a spirited senior at Winslow High School. This scholarship recognizes students who share Ramsey's qualities of love, dedication and school spirit and who will continue to spread her message of kindness and community involvement.

Ramsey's daughter, Tessa Wadsworth, announced the scholarship on her mother's birthday, March 22, ensuring that her mother's memory lives on through the impact she had on her students and community.

Applicants must have a GPA of at least 3.0 and provide two letters of recommendation, one from a Winslow High School faculty member and one from a non-relative community member In addition, applicants must submit a short essay or film a video introducing themselves and explaining how they have demonstrated true Bulldog Spirit during their time at Winslow High School, as well as how they plan to continue embodying those qualities in the future.

Ramsey's impact on the Winslow community was significant. Over the course of her career as the Spirit Line coach, she established traditions, coached championship teams and brought people together for a common cause. Her enthusiasm and selflessness were evident in everything she did, from organizing pep rallies and spirit weeks to volunteering in the community.

Ramsey's family hopes that the scholarship will carry on her legacy by supporting students who share her passion for school spirit and community involvement. To apply for the scholarship, interested seniors at Winslow High School should email their application, including their transcript, letters of recommendation and essay or video, to Tessa Wadsworth at Tessaramsey-nda@hotmail.com by May 1, 2023. The email should be titled with the applicant's last name followed by "Tamie Scholarship" in the subject line.

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